Green Brands I Want to Try in 2017

17 Jan 2017

Every year I write down a list of brands that I want to try in the upcoming year and I thought it'd be fun to share as I do usually get round to trying most of the brands I mention. Some are UK based brands and others are from the US or international countries.

I think this brand was on my "to-try" list in 2016 however I just never got around to trying anything! I'm definitely going to make a purchase this year though as I have my eye on their Mermaid Mask, Koko Leka mask and Honey Love 3-in-1. Leahlani had a packaging re-brand in 2016 and everything looks so, so pretty!

This new cleaning brand may seem like an odd choice for products to try however their packaging is just gorgeous and much nicer than the ugly, brightly coloured stuff you can buy in supermarkets (even the natural ones). "Based on ancient monastic knowledge, TINCTURE combines natural essential oils, active botanical ingredients and antimicrobial Silver Technology to deliver high-performance superior cleaning." Now that I have my own house and I can choose which products to use - why wouldn't I opt for cleaner products?

Earth Tu Face
I've seen this brand around for a little while but they're now available on Naturisimo and their products look fab. They're a Californian brand who believe in truth and transparency. They believe in never putting on your skin what you would not put in your mouth, in minimal waste packaging, and in avoiding synthetics & preservatives. I have my eye on their Honey Coconut Mask which has actual rose petals and lavender buds inside the product!

What brands do you have your eye on this year?


*This post is not sponsored by any of the brands mentioned.

RMS Swift Shadows

12 Jan 2017

I recently picked up three of the new RMS Swift Shadows from Love Lula and thought I'd share some swatches and make-up looks as there's quite a lot of different shades...

RMS have their cream shadow "polishes" but up until now there were no powder eyeshadows. As someone with oily eyelids where normal shadows don't even tend to stay put, cream shadows are a no-go so I was happy to hear they'd released some powder shadows with the same finish the polishes are known for. They have released a range of 18 eyeshadows in 6 different shades (which each come in three variations)...confusing, I know!
The six shade ranges available are; Enchanted Moonlight (purples/burgundies), Garden Rose (pinks), Sunset Beach (yellows/golds), Tempting Touch (beiges/tans), Tobacco Road (greens/browns), Twilight Madness (grey/black).

I picked up Garden Rose GR-19, Sunset Beach SB-43 and Tempting Touch TT-76.

Tempting Touch TT-76 is a gorgeous brown shade that I've been enjoying the most. I love using this all over my lid with a bit of the Pacifica Black Liner for a subtle smoky eye. It has a lovely shimmer but it's not glittery or too much, just a hint of sparkle. This one is definitely my favourite out of the three & it makes me want to try more from the Tempting Touch range.
Garden Rose GR-19 is a gorgeous deep pink shade that looks pretty as a wash of colour all over the lid. Pinks/reds are quite on trend for eyeshadow and I was a bit nervous in case I didn't like this however I think it's really pretty.
Sunset Beach SB-43 is a light cream shade that's perfect as an inner corner shade when doing a smoky eye. It's a lovely iridescent colour and it instantly brightens up the eye area. It's a bit too light for me to use all over my lids though so I just stick to using it more as a highlighter.

I've swatched them below so you can see the shades and also included a photo of me wearing the Tempting Touch shadow too. I used a bit of balm on my hand to intensify the colour on my hand, and you can also use these wet so if you apply the shadow to a damp make-up brush, this will intensify the shade.
Swatches above (top to bottom- TT-76, GR-19, SB-43)
I'm really impressed with these eyeshadows, especially Tempting Touch. I find that they all do stay-put for a decent time as well with minimal creasing.
What's your favourite shade?

How to Switch to Green Beauty in 2017

10 Jan 2017

Another year, another set of resolutions. If switching to natural & organic skincare and beauty products is on your list this year then keep reading as I've got my top tips on how to swap your normal products for greener options.
There's a couple of ways you can go about swapping your products; do it all at once and swap everything or switch things out once your normal products are empty. I recommend the latter, as it's unlikely you will like everything that you try and that way you can work out what suits your skin gradually. The best products to swap first are the ones you use most regularly like body washes & lotions, cleansers and foundations - this will vary from person to person however those are my most used products. Decide on which product you'd like to swap first and do your research on what to buy through reading natural blogs, asking for advice at online stores etc.

If you're unsure where you can find truly natural products (trust me, it's not that easy to decipher between natural and green-washed products) then take a look at my Where to Shop post. It's full of amazing online and brick-and-mortar stores in the UK, Europe and USA where you'll be able to find the best natural and organic skincare and make-up brands. Don't hesitate to contact them either to ask for recommendations as they'll be able to guide you on what's best for your skin type or what you're looking for.

A great way to sample products before buying the full size is to subscribe to a natural beauty box. Love Lula have a monthly subscription box and there's also Beauty Heroes which is a US brand but they do ship to the UK and trust me, they're worth it! Naturisimo and Pure Natural Box also do beauty boxes however you don't have to subscribe, they pop up every couple of months or so, meaning you can decide if you'd like to buy after you've seen the contents.

A book I'd highly recommend if you're starting with natural beauty is The Nature of Beauty Book which is written by Imelda Burke, founder of my favourite natural store, Content Beauty & Wellbeing in London (& online). It was released in December last year so I'm still making my way through it however it's packed full of advice and recommendations from Imelda herself on green beauty.

If you ever have any questions or advice/recommendations then feel free to get in touch via email or social media! Also don't forget to check out my Green Beauty Newbie series on my blog where I share tips & advice on where to shop, books, ingredients to avoid, greenwashing & more!


2017 Plans & Blog Schedule

3 Jan 2017

Happy 2017 everyone! After a very busy 2016 with work, buying a house, getting engaged, running my blog and creating Nectar & Bumble, I'm ready to start 2017 with a fresh mind and a lot of new content ideas. N&B took up quite a lot of my time last year and whilst I'm still very busy with it all (yay!), it's settled down now into a steady routine so I'm able to put more focus on my blog content again.
In 2017 I hope to continue to grow my blog, bringing you posts on all my favourite green beauty brands and letting you know about new discoveries, and I'm going to stick to a schedule this year so you all know when to expect posts. I'm going to be posting every Tuesday and Thursday at 7am GMT, with an extra post on a Sunday for things like favourites posts, or beauty boxes & additional posts I can't fit in during the week, if necessary.

Make sure you're following me on all my social media channels and BlogLovin to keep updated with new posts and also subscribe to my newsletter (sign up in my sidebar to the right) to get a monthly round-up of posts, green beauty news/offers and other exciting info!

Thank you to everyone for your feedback on my end of year 2016 survey, it was really helpful and gives me a good idea of where to start & what you'd all like to see more of in 2017. If you're yet to answer the survey, it would be a huge help if you could...(survey).


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