Green People Make-up | Organic Beauty Week

22 Sep 2016

Brands have really upped their game in recent years when it comes to natural makeup including UK brand Green People who have a range of make-up that is not only natural but also certified organic by EcoCert, a leading certifier in Europe.

The organic % isn't that high in the products however this is because natural minerals cannot be certified as they're not farmed. But rest assured, their products are natural and have certified organic ingredients too which isn't something you'll find with most makeup brands. They are free from parabens, carmine, synthetic colourants, petrochemicals, phthalates and a whole host of other harmful ingredients, yet their products still perform so I'm going to share a few of my favourites...

The Green People range includes everything you need for a full face of make-up from tinted moisturiser, powder foundation, concealer and blusher to eyeshadows, lip products and mascara.

The Age Defy Tinted DD Moisturiser is perfect for popping on quickly in the mornings as it offers a lovely light coverage with a natural dewy glow, whilst looking after your skin at the same time. It is available in three shades; Light, Medium and their newest shade Ivory which is perfect for lighter skin tones. It has organic almond oil, jojoba oil and shea butter which work to moisturise the skin, along with sea fennel stem cells which brighten skin and natural pigments that adapt to compliment your skin.   
The Powder Mineral Blush in the shade Rose is a talc-free pressed powder that comes in a sleek black recycled compact with a mirror. I much prefer when brands offer their products pressed rather than loose as I'm so messy with my make-up and I always find the loose powders get everywhere! It has organic beeswax and jojoba oil so the product applies really smoothly on the skin and it offers a lovely wash of colour and adds a natural glow to my cheeks.
I have tried a fair few natural mascaras over the last few years however Green People's is in my top three. It's a volumising mascara and it offers length and an intense black colour to my lashes. It isn't flaky at all and it's easy to remove at night with a make-up remover or cleanser and a warm flannel. With ingredients like organic beeswax and carnauba wax, not only does this mascara add definition to your lashes but it will also condition lashes whilst you wear it.
Last but certainly not least, we have the lip products from the range. There's a lip primer which is perfect for the colder months to nourish lips and prime them ready for the lip colours, of which there are three. Sangria is a rich deep red shade, Blossom a pale pink and Praline a brown-nude shade. These lip pencils are super creamy and easy to apply thanks to the shea butter, baobab oil, carnauba wax and beeswax. My favourite has to be Sangria as it's perfect for the A/W time. To see swatches and all of the colours on my lips you can read my other post here.
View the full range of Green People organic make-up and take advantage of 15% off your order at Green People - use code ABT15 at checkout.


*This post is sponsored by Green People for Organic Beauty Week. All opinions are my own and are 100% honest*

My Top Skincare Picks | Organic Beauty Week

21 Sep 2016

I have a lot of skincare. Like seriously a lot. Whilst not all of it is certified organic, it is all natural and organic. If you're new to green beauty and want to know you can trust the brand, I'd recommend you "look for the logo" which is this year's Soil Association campaign.

Unlike the food industry, the beauty industry isn't regulated so a product can be called organic when it has just 1% organic ingredient inside. So it's important to not take a brands word for it and do your research. Look for the logo and check ingredients lists before buying. You can check out my Green Beauty Newbie series if you're switching for #OrganicSeptember or #OrganicBeautyWeek and take a look at a few of my top skincare picks from certified brands below...

Starting off with cleansers; I have an oil, a honey cleansing gel and a balm that have been a part of my skincare routine over the last few months. The Lulu & Boo Chocolate Orange Cleansing Oil smells absolutely divine and makes me want to eat a whole Terry's chocolate orange to be honest but it works well with my skin and removing makeup too.

Therapi Honey Cleansers are what I like to use as a second cleanse with a konjac sponge. If you've not tried using a sponge with these cleansers then I'd definitely recommend giving it a go - they're the perfect match. I've been using the Orange Blossom and the Lemon Myrtle as they both work well with my skin.

A balm that I'm looking forward to using throughout Autumn/Winter is the Skin & Tonic Steam Clean which has the most amazing eucalyptus scent. It also has spearmint essential oil, with borage oil, thistle oil, grapeseed oil & beeswax making up the ingredients in this simple yet effective balm. It's perfect for Winter time if you have a cold because the scent is just so incredible.
I love treating my skin to a mask once or twice a week depending on how its acting. SKN-RG Collagen Boosting Mask is one I reach for when my skin is looking a little dull and in need of a pick-me-up. Whilst it is aimed at mature skins for it anti-ageing effects, I find it works well to plump my skin up and hydrate it.

A couple that I choose if I have any blemishes are the Neal's Yard Remedies White Tea Mask and the Inlight Organic Superfood Face Mask. I choose the NYR one if my skin needs decongesting as its clay based and helps draw out impurities without drying my skin. I reach for the Inlight Superfood Mask if I have any large, red under-the-skin spots that need zapping.

Throughout the Summer I don't really use moisturisers on top of oils as my skin doesn't need it, but once it hits September I add a moisturiser to my routine. The Therapi Honey Skincare Orange Blossom Moisturiser is my go-to moisturiser as its full of honey, beeswax & other ingredients that treat my skin to make it glow.

And last but not least is the newest addition to my collection, the Bamford Nurture Balm which is a beautifully scented, nourishing balm for anywhere on the body. It's scented with geranium, lavender & tea tree oil which reminded me of their Haybarn Spa at Daylesford Farm as soon as I opened the jar. It has shea butter, sunflower oil, jojoba oil and rosehip oil which help to nurture dry skin so I've been using this on my heels & any dry patches on my body. This will be used a lot over the colder months, I can tell!
Let me know some of your favourite organic products in the comments below!

Herbs in Skincare with Herbfarmacy | Organic Beauty Week

19 Sep 2016

Herbs are at the heart of organic skincare brand Herbfarmacy who are based in the beautiful hills of Herefordshire in the UK. Their ingredients are home-grown on their organic fields where founder & botanist Paul Richards has been growing herbs for over 30 years.
Herbs in Skincare with Herbfarmacy | Organic Beauty Week
Herbfarmacy harness the healing nature of organically grown herbs to create their skincare products which are ideal for sensitive skin conditions. Their range is certified organic by the Soil Association which goes to show you can trust the brand and the people behind it. Herbfarmacy is one of those brands that you can just tell has a lot of love put into it, with a passion for truly organic skincare and the herbs they put inside their products.

Calendula, marshmallow and echinacea are just a few of the signature herbs they blend into their award-winning skincare products. All of the herbs are grown and handpicked on the farm when at their freshest to ensure they are as potent and effective as possible.

One of Herbfarmacy's favourites is marshmallow as it is the ultimate herbal soother for the skin and why it can be found in most of their products. The roots of marshmallow contain soft mucilages that become gel-like in water and give a soft, silky feel on the skin. They also attract and hold moisture in the skin's surface, making it ideal for dry & sensitive skin. Mallow Beauty Balm is one of Herbfarmacy's hero product as its a great all-rounder that can be used all over to soften and hydrate skin. I love using this as a cleanser too!
Herbs in Skincare with Herbfarmacy | Organic Beauty Week
Herbs in Skincare with Herbfarmacy | Organic Beauty Week
Calendula grows at its best on the farm in August, which is when you'll spot this herb glowing a beautiful orange shade as their vibrant double flowers open up. Calendula is an amazing herb for calming sensitive and trouble skin, thanks to it's anti-inflammatory and healing properties. It can be found in their Replenishing Face Cream which is their most intense moisturiser that is ideal for ageing or dry skin.
Herbs in Skincare with Herbfarmacy | Organic Beauty Week
Echinacea is one of the most visually beautiful herbs grown on the farm, reaching over a metre in height and producing a stunning mass of colour. It has a delicate, enchanting scent and is loved by bees and butterflies! Whilst it is typically known as a remedy for colds, this herb is valuable in skincare as a mild astringent for toning, and creams for younger or acne-prone skin. You'll find this herb in their Rose & Echinacea Toner which is a simple yet effective product with damask rose water and echinacea flower water as the two main ingredients.
Herbs in Skincare with Herbfarmacy | Organic Beauty Week
You may have noticed they've had a bit of a makeover too - isn't it beautiful? Their new green jars & bottles and labels show off the true nature of this wonderful brand.

Herbfarmacy are celebrating Organic Beauty Week by offering 20% off on their website. Simply use code "ORGANIC20" at checkout and enjoy your organic goodies!


*This post is sponsored by Herbfarmacy for Organic Beauty Week*

Green Beauty Newbie: Reading Labels

12 Sep 2016

Before you went green, how often did you read an ingredients label on a beauty product? Not often I guess. So now that you've gone/are going green & you're actively trying to avoid ingredients, it will mean reading the labels which can get a little confusing. I've put together a short post with a few tips for reading labels on products...

Head straight for the ingredients list
If you're trying to avoid certain ingredients in a product, look to see if the ones you're trying not to use are in the product. If they are, put it back/stop looking, if not keep browsing the list. Some brands will try to mislead you by putting clever marketing on the front such as "paraben free" but it's important to check what they've used instead as it might not be much better. I've written a post on "Harmful Ingredients to Avoid" which you might find helpful.

Remember the names of ingredients
You may have a few ingredients that you want to definitely avoid such as parabens, phtalates, silicones etc, so try to remember the main ones you want to avoid first, then you'll know whether to put it back on the shelf or keep checking the list. Natural ingredients will be listed in INCI (latin form) so coconut oil = cocos nucifera, cocoa butter = theobroma cacao which can be a little confusing too so try to remember their INCI names as not all brands will include the English name too.
Check for certifications
There are no rules or regulations for organic or natural beauty products, meaning a product could say it is organic when it has only 1% organic ingredients. Some products may not be certified as organic but have certified organic ingredients but others will be certified as an organic product. Soil Association is the main organic certification body for products so if you see this, you know you'll be in good hands. Others include EcoCert & USDA Organic (USA). Checking for certification is important if you want to be sure you're using organic products but it's unlikely you'll find certification for natural, which is why it's important to check the label/ingredients list.

Cruelty free?
Going natural/organic most of the time means that you'll be in good hands as the people making the products want to use the best ingredients and have more feelings than giant corporations however you'll still need to check that companies are cruelty free. Check for the Leaping Bunny logo or the PETA logo but it's always good to do a quick google search too, or ask the brand as not all of them will have a logo on the packaging.

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